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How To Reset Canon Pixma Ts6220?

Carry out the procedure given below to reset canon Pixma Ts6220 printer.

  • Turn on the printer to start the resetting process.
  • Press the Home button on the printer’s control panel.
  • Select the Setup icon on the touchscreen of the printer.
  • Navigate to select Device settings. Tap the Reset Settings option.
  • To reset all the settings, select Reset all.
  • To change only a specified option, select and reset it.
  • You can reset Web service setup, LAN settings, and Settings separately.
  • Once you have selected the settings to be reset, tap Yes to confirm.
  • Press the Home button after the reset process is complete.
  • Once you have done the process of reset canon Pixma Ts6220, the printer settings will be reset to the factory defaults.
reset canon Pixma Ts6220